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  Snakeskins for Guitar Hero World Tour Guitar and Drumset

Nowadays, it seems that everyone has a Blackberry or iPhone, a PSP or Nintendo DSi, an XBox 360, PS3, or Wii, and either own or have at least heard of Rockband and/or Guitar Hero. And the one thing that you will notice is that everyone's devices all look the same. Granted, you may have, for example, the red Xbox 360 Resident Evil Special Edition console instead of black Elite model. And if you have a Nintendo DSi, (unless you bought it in Japan) it is either gonna be blue or black. For the most-part though, your personality and artistic taste are not going to be expressed by the electronic gadget you grasp in your hand. That is... until now. Snakeskins by Exo-Flex are one of the latest ways to personalize and protect a wide variety of electronic devices and equipment without adding any bulk to the item. No longer will your Wii have to be white, your PS3 be black, or your Nintendo Gamecube (does anyone still use those?) be purple. And, not only will you be able to define your style and individuality using Exo-Skins, you will also be protecting your devices to boot!

Snakeskins by Exo-Flex are a thin, incredibly durable skin that you apply to your device that will not smear or fade, and due to their RapidAir Technology by Orajet, will leave no bubbles (no squeegee need to apply it).  I'm not entirely sure how it works… it just does. When I applied the Guitar Hero guitar skin that I was sent onto the faceplate of my guitar, there were a few bubbles in it… but with a wipe of my finger over the bubbles, they disappeared – cool stuff! It was actually a little intimidating at first… trying figure out how to place such a large, intricately cut skin over such a large complicated surface. But after applying, pulling off and re-applying the skin around a few of the controller cutout holes, I was amazed at how easy it actually was. And that was another great feature of the Exo-Flex Snakeskins… they call it their Triple R feature, which stands for Removable, Repositionable and can be Reapplied. So this means that you can get a handful of very inexpensive skins with different artwork and patterns and change up the look of your peripherals or other gadgets whenever you want with incredible ease.

Another great feature of the Exo-Flex Snakskins are that they are created with 3 layers protection. The top-most layer is water resistant, and the bottom 2 layers are what enable the Snakeskin to adhere perfectly to every contour of your device, but not leave any sticky residue on your device when you peel it off… even after multiple re-applications. I was amazed at how securely the skins hold to your device, but leave absolutely no trace of it ever being there when you peel it off.

Along with the Guitar Hero World-Tour Guitar skins that I was sent, I also received the Guitar Hero drum kit skins. This included 3 circular skins for the drumpads and 2 almost half-circle shaped skins to put on the cymbols. Not only do these skins make your drum set controller look cool, but they also prevent you having to look at the little discolorations you would normally see on the drumpads/cymbols after a particularly hardcore Ozzy set. I was also pleasantly surprised that I didn't hear any real drumming noise sound increase with them on, which was my first apprehension about putting something on the drumpads. If there was any drumming sound change, it was negligible and absolutely worth having an entirely unique looking and totally protected set of drums.

With tonnes of designs and patterns to choose from, you will surely find multiple Exo-Flex Snakeskins you will want to get for all your electronic devices and gaming peripherals. And with the Exo-Flex Triple R features, you will definitely want to get more than one so you can change the entire look of your device at minimal cost. That, combined with their "Lifetime Exo-tended Warranty" guaranteeing Snakeskins to never fade, peel or bubble up, make getting yourself some Snakeskins a no-brainer… the hard part is trying to decide how many you want and which designs.

While the Exo-Flex Snakeskins won't make you play any better, you will definitely be playing in style! A definite must have!

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Review Date: 2009-08-25
Reviewer: Shawn Sardy
Rating: 10 out of 10
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