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A Short History by Nick Sardy

In September 1986 I established the Cariboo Commodore 64 Club Newsletter. This newsletter was a sort of continuation of what I started back in Ottawa, which was to exchange computer usage information with people.

I had published a new issue every month until February of 1991 when the newsletter was upgraded to the Cariboo Computer Magazine.

Up until I upgraded to the Cariboo Computer Magazine, the information in the newsletter was simply for Commodore 64 users and when I did the switch, the magazine became all-encompassing, including info for not only Commodore 64's but Amigas, Macs and PC's. We wrote reviews on software and hardware and books that cover computer related subjects.

To this day this magazine has been publishing literally thousands of reviews over the years but of late mainly concentrating on software for PC's and more recently, Playstation II and Nintendo games.

Our integrity is backed by the philosophy of not publishing bad reviews. We decided from the very start that if a program is bad, we will not write about it but rather talked to the producers of the software and inform them of the problems. We know that at times companies need to release products before they are ready because of financial reasons and instead of running a program into the ground we wait until the better version is released and then we can stand behind the product.

On August 1997 we started publishing on the Internet and hence the birth of the CCMAGAZINE.COM web site. We have been going on strong since then and expect to grow much more as the year goes by.

This is the year we celebrated the Cariboo Computer Magazine's 14th anniversary and proud of it. We have a reader base of between 3500 and 4000 readers per day, which by far outnumbers our old hard copy magazine before the advent of Internet. We hope that you all continue to appreciate the efforts that my reviewers go through to provide honest information about products you might decide to buy.
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