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News from E3 2009: (2009-06-03 09:10:02 P.S.T.)

It is wednesday morning and I came a bit later. It is now 8:45 am and everything opens at 10 so I still have a bit of time to sort of hang. I am meeting with a number of companies today including Eidos, ActivisionMTV Games/Harmonix and quite a few more. I decided not to collect tons of flyers and junk cause they get heavy to carry after a while.

By the way, yesterday I met with the original creator of Tetris, Alexey Pajitnov and he is a very nice guy even though he is now filthy ritch because of that game.

Well i am off for a bite to eat and get my strenght up and take some more pain pills for my sore foot. I will get back to you all later.

Random Photo from E3