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2006-08-22 - Vista- ready or not.

I found the following article that I thought you might be interested in.

From  Windowsitpro Newsletter:

Exclusive to WinInfo: On Monday, Microsoft publicly reaffirmed its plan to ship a version of
Windows Vista to businesses in November and to consumers in January. But behind the scenes, the
company has had to devise a new plan for the Release Candidate 1 (RC1) version of the product
after plans to use build 5520 for RC1 fell through.

Microsoft's public discussion about its Vista shipment schedule came from an unexpected source:
Timothy Chen, the CEO of the company's greater China region. "As of now, the release schedule
of Vista is unchanged," Chen told reporters Monday. "In a word, Vista for small businesses and
consumers will be released late in the fourth quarter and late January." This announcement
confirms a report published last week in WinInfo, which stated that Microsoft wouldn't bow to
widespread public opinion that Vista couldn't be made ready in time for the planned November
and January shipping dates.

Meanwhile, inside the software colossus, work continues toward an early September RC1 release
for Vista. However, the build previously planned for RC1--build 5520--had two major problems,
so Microsoft had to move on to a newer version--build 5536--for RC1. The company plans to ship
build 5536 internally today, according to my sources.

Historically, Microsoft considers RC builds of software products as candidates for the final
release. However, with Microsoft not planning to finalize Vista until sometime in October, it's
clear that the Vista RC1 version--whatever the build number--won't be a true candidate for
release. It should, however, be quite a bit more polished than the previous public milestone,
Vista Beta 2.

I have heard that XP will still be supported for another 1-2 years and there are rumors of a SP3 next year.

All of the current computers won't be able to use the visual affects of Vista as there are not any video cards that are Direct X 10 compatiable.

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