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2006-09-01 - Why you should wait for 2nd generation
Pioneer to release Dual format HD-DVD / Blu-Ray Writer

Pioneer will soon be following up its current next generation Blu-ray writer with a model that supports Dual Layer Blu-Ray media the BDR-102. While this may excite some users the most exciting announcement is that they plan to release new drives sometime next year that can also handle the competing HD-DVD format.

The first new drive that Pioneer will release is the BDR-102 which will add support for the CD-R/RW format which their current drives lack. The BDR-102 will ship sometime next year and may be released in two types one that supports IDE and the other that supports SATA. The writing speeds have not been released and its not known how fast it will write to single or dual layer Blu-Ray discs.

But the most exciting piece of hardware is probably the BDR-103 which will integrate support for both Blu-Ray and HD-DVD formats into one drive. No specifications have been released and its not known if it will still support CDR/RW and what speeds will be available.

Pioneer LogoPioneer will follow up the release of its... er... pioneering Blu-ray Disc recorder with an updated model that supports dual-layer media, it has emerged. And the company said it is planning to offer a version that can also handle HD DVD.

The first new drive, the BDR-102 will also support CD-R/RW discs, another disc format missing from the company's current product, the BDR-101. The BDR-102 is due to ship early next year, possibly in two versions, one with an IDE interface, the other with a SATA connector. It's not clear at what speeds the BDR-102 will write single- and dual-layer, 25GB and 50GB BD-R and BD-RE discs.

Further out, the BDR-103 will bring on board support for HD DVD, presumably recordable and rewriteable versions of the format as well as pre-recorded discs.

It looks like Dual format drives are going to be the mainstream just like we have +R and -R, and I wouldn't be surprised if it isn"t long before Dual format players start appearing either. So really the format war that is meant to be looming may not be a difficult choice for consumers after all especially if devices support both formats. It may end up like the +R / -R war irrelevant unless you have bought first generation hardware.

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