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2006-09-01 - Vista prices

I have been "playing" with a beta copy of Vista and am not impressed. I know there are some internal changes like a better find function but it still looks like XP with a very "heavy" graphic interface.

 If the following prices are accurate, I would say that Microsoft has gone "over the edge" and are totally out to lunch - supper and breakfast..

FULL versions (all prices Canadian)
Windows Vista Ultimate $499
Windows XP Professional w/SP2 $429
Windows Vista Business $379
Windows Vista Home Premium $299
Windows Vista Home Basic $259
Windows XP Home w/SP2 $259
UPGRADE versions (all prices Canadian)
Windows Vista Ultimate Upgrade $299
Windows XP Professional w/SP2 Upgrade $259
Windows Vista Business Upgrade $249
Windows Vista Home Premium Upgrade $199
Windows Vista Home Basic Upgrade $129
Windows XP Home w/SP2 Upgrade $129

As a note, prices are in Canadian.

Source: ZDNet

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