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2006-10-01 - Laptop batteries recall

The Sony laptop battery recall has hit seven million worldwide. On Thursday, Lenovo announced the recall of 526,000 batteries used in ThinkPads. Toshiba said Friday it is recalling 830,000 batteries. This is not related to the Toshiba battery recall earlier this month.

On Friday afternoon, Fujitsu recalled an undisclosed number of batteries, according to Time magazine. Details were not available on Fujitsu's site.

Dell recalled 4.1 million Sony batteries in August. It has now expanded the recall to 4.2 million batteries. Apple also carried out a recall last month.

The batteries can overheat and burn. Sony is urging all companies using its problem batteries to recall them. Check my log for a picture of what can happen.

Is your laptop affected? Find out on the manufacturer's Web site:
  • Lenovo
  • Toshiba
  • Fujitsu
  • Dell
  • Apple


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