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2006-10-04 - DVD rewinder
The DVD Rewinder: 'Back up' those DVDs legally!
Posted by Dan Bell on 05 October 2006 - 00:39 - Source: Gearlog

Yes, these babies are handy as pockets on a shirt! We have them here at CD Freaks, and now...we don't know how we lived with out them! Thanks and a tip of the hat to Gearlog, for spotting these for us. We are now able to perform scans on one disc, whilst rewinding the other, a real time saver in the lab.

The DVD Rewinder comes with an exclusive Centripetal Velocity Spindle, which will spin those discs backwards in a circular frenzy unlike anything you've seen before. And don't think for one minute that the DVD Rewinder is silent. When the disc speeds up, it makes a "rewind" sound that, if you"re anything like me, will take you right back to the days of VHS and far too many whiskey shots. (Well, maybe only one of those, unless you're me.)

You better hurry, at only 16.50 a piece, these will not be on the shelves very long!

I think this has come onto the market 7 months too early.

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