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2006-10-20 - Just Gossip

Microsoft has just released Internet explorer V 7

Aprox 13 megs.

It will be a forced update as of November 1st for XP SP2 users.

Microsoft also released its new Flight Sim X. I went out and bought the pro version in eager anticipation. It took 13.5GB of hard drive space - must be good?

It has better graphics but there is now no 182's - lots of big jets. It has no water in Williams Lake (BC) nor in the nearby Fraser river (the biggest in BC). Overall I think it  has regressed and the 2004 version is better for an XP user.

Microsoft said there will be an update for it when Vista is officially released - was designed as a Visa game.

I found the same mapping errors in my new Garmin GPS. On closer investigation, I see that they are both using NAVTEQ mapping software. If there are this many serious mistakes in our area - what about the rest of the country?

Intel announced quad core chips - yes 4 in one - to be released in early 2007. I thought they would only be available for servers but it will also be available for home usage - gaming.

It also appears that there will be DVD  readers and writers that will be capable of burning and reading both BluRay and HD DVDs.

Just like the VHS and Beta wars.

Back soon.


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