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Ron Ridley Auto Care Mall


The big Adobe shindig is about to start in LA and new on line games are coming out and I am felling like an old fuddy duddy because most if not all new games are to be downloaded instead of getting it in a box. To me it is just not the same. It is like getting an empty promis. When we used to get a program in a box, it was shiny and new and the celophane was hard to cut open and the cover gave you an expectant graphic image of what was to come. Now.... 689MB to go for downloading and another 235MB to update and 126Mb patch and so on and there is nothing shinny about it anymore.

Is this to be our future waiting for downloads? There has to be a better way. I promis you that whom ever will figure it out will win in the end!

All the best, Nick login off. till nexst time