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  Jane's Attack Squadron

- Fourteen flyable aircraft, with countless other land, sea, and air vehicles.
- Patrol, intercept, and strategic bombing, plus air strikes on a wide range of targets including warships, sub, trains, tanks, airfields, and factories.
- Deep multiplayer modes pit you against other jas players.
- One millions square miles of satellite accurate, mapped terrain.
- Fully realized damage model with parts that detach, explode, tear away, and affect flight.

We haven’t received to many World War II air combat simulators in the past so when Jane’s Attack Squadron arrived just the other day it certainly peaked my interest. The graphics are terrific with 14 beautifully textured aircrafts and backgrounds that make you think you are more then reenacting the deadliest sky battles of World War II.

The one area of the game that I felt was lacking as compared to the other areas is the games controls. There are just to many different options that it would take you days just to memorize all the controls. Long gone are the days of my simple 8-bit Nintendo control that consisted of 2 buttons, a directional pad, and start/select button.

All in all it’s a pretty good game. Just make sure you have time to sit down and go through the games Manuel first.

System Requirements

- Win98/ME/2000/XP 100% compatible PC system.
- Pentium 400 Mhz or compatible processor.
- 128 MB RAM.
- 16 MB D3D video card with 16 bit color support.
- MS compatible mouse.
- DirectX 8.0 compatible sound card.
- 600 MB free hard drive space.
- 16x CD-Rom drive or faster.
- 640x480 to 1280x1024 capable monitor.
- DirectX compatible joystick or flight stick

Recommended Platform Upgrades For Good Performance

- Pentium III 600 Mhz processor or faster.
- 3D accelerated 32 MB GeForce (or equivalent) video card or better.
- 256 MB Ram.
- NIC card or 56k modem for internet/LAN play.

Review ID Number: 105
  Product Details
Review Date: 2002-06-10
Reviewer: Colin Unger
Rating: 7 out of 10
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