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Gothic is a first person adventure game where you control a character and all his actions and deed. There are hundreds of characters in the game that your player can interact with which makes the game play differently every time you restart the game.
Installation took quite a while and I did install this one on a Windows ME machine with 256 Mb of Ram and a 24 MB 3d Video card and the graphics are quite good. The sound however at times repeated itself from time to time but it wasn't anything major.

The start of the story as told by Piranha-Byte:

Before every battle goes peace. A tense peace. The kind of peace you experience before a hurricane. For a short moment, time seemed to stand still. The air descended upon the ground like a dense, oppressive sheet of dust.
Howling voices broke into the silence, and the Orcs swept across the land like a tornado,
ready to mow down anything and everything that might stand in their way. The soldiers' arrows found their mark, dragging the huge bodies down to the ground, but each gap was filled as quickly as it had emerged.
The war against the Orcs took its toll, and the prisoners of the Realm were to pay the price.
In the days that followed, every man guilty of a crime, no matter how insignificant an offence it may have been, was brought to the mining colony of Khorinis to gather ore for the king's arsenal.
The ovens' fires burned day and night and from the smithies rang a constant hammering.
The huge smelting furnace generates enormous heat in the mine. The men work day and night,
hewing the valuable ore from the impenetrable rock.
The king assembled the twelve most powerful Mages of the Realm: six from the Circle of Water and six from the Circle of Fire. He ordered them to erect a magic barrier around the mining colony of Khorinis, in order to put an end to the countless attempts at escaping.
The barrier would let all living beings in, but none of them would be able to leave.
Lightning tore the heavens, and the streams of magic merged like an explosion. The barrier had been created, but it covered a much wider area than planned. Even the Mages themselves were trapped inside it.
A brief moment of negligence was all the convicts needed. As the barrier crept across the sky, they grasped the opportunity of killing the guards that had been trapped inside the barrier with them. Anyone who stood in the way of their taking control of the area enclosed by the barrier was killed.
The only ones they did not dare to touch were the Mages, but even they were unable to quell the uprising. The entire stretch of land was now controlled by the prisoners.
The king had no choice: He had to negotiate, he needed the ore. He was forced to write a missive offering the convicts a deal. He sent a messenger to deliver the letter to the edge of the barrier and throw it to one of the prisoners within the dome.
This letter marked the birth of an agreement that was to prove successful in the end.
Some of the prisoners continued to mine the valuable ore for the king. Once a month they
sent the gathered ore to a certain exchange place on the edge of the barrier, where it was loaded onto a cable railway and transported outside.
In return, the king sent them all they asked for. Month after month he made sure that food and goods of all kinds were transported to the barrier. Sometimes he even sent women down into the barrier. Today, yet another condemned man is being taken to the mine. You are that man.
Just another convict, doomed to spend the rest of his life trapped inside the barrier.
At least, that's what they think ...
The verdict is read out on a cliff close to the exchange place, then you are roughly shoved
over the edge. You lose consciousness as you fall through the barrier. As consciousness returns, you discover that you have landed in a lake. Summing up your energy, you reach the shore.
A heavy foot stomps through the mud in front of you. You look up. A few of the convicts are looking down at you, their arms crossed. The man directly opposite you bends down looks you full in the face and remarks with a stinking breath:
"Welcome to jail!"

It is a fun game and I would certainly recommend it to one and all. You just have a lot of keyboard controls to memorize in order to play this game.

Review ID Number: 126
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Review Date: 2002-02-18
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 8 out of 10
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