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  Codename: Outbreak

During a routine observation of the night sky, astronomers registered a new object in the Ursa Major constellation, a mid-size comet. The strange object was moving at a tremendous speed and could soon be seen with the naked eye in the night sky. State authorities began preparing for the possible ensuing catastrophe and evacuated all major cities.

Humans got ready for the worst though the worst was yet to come. Your mission begins on a nearly decimated planet Earth ravaged by meteors… and worse, sinister alien spores! Those spores leach onto living beings and mutate them into hideous killing machines. Command your two-man task force to eradicate this terrible infestation and salvage what is left of the planet before it’s too late.

Codename: Outbreak takes place in the very near future after a comet, filled with angry aliens, comes crashing into the earth. These not so friendly aliens set out to wipeout human existence and it is your challenge to make sure this massacre doesn’t takes place. The Aliens plan to do this by implanting parasites into the brains of every living human being on earth.

The game allows you to play by yourself or network with a buddy in 14 graphically stunning single player and co-operative missions. The game also features 2 distinctly different camera modes (1st and 3rd person). In addition to the regular mode of play the game features death matches, capture the flag and much more all jam packed into one game.

Running on a Windows 98 system the game runs great. No lagging, great graphics, and really no notable flaws. However, when we installed the game on a computer running Windows 2000 professional the game ran really buggy and choppy making the game virtually unplayable. Hopefully this will be resolved with patches in the near future.

The game controls work really well. Moving from side to side and forwards and backwards on the keyboard while pinpointing your target with the mouse is integrated flawlessly. The only major complaint about the game play is that there is a serious lack of enemies to hunt down making the game a tad boring at times. All in all Codename: Outbreak is a really good offering by Virgin Entertainment.

Review ID Number: 127
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Virgin Interactive
Review Date: 2002-02-15
Reviewer: Colin Unger
Rating: 9 out of 10
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