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  Air Command 3
Air Command 3.0 is like a new game from the past. To tell you the truth, this game reminds me a lot of the games six years ago. In Air Command 3.0 you take on the roll of an Aircraft Controller and it is your job to guide the aircrafts safely through your area.
The system requirements are pretty simple and should run on most people’s computers.

·Windows ’95 or Windows ‘98
·VGA display card and driver capable of 16-bit color display
·Windows compatible sound card
·16 MB of RAM
·A Pentium 133 or better processor
·Approximately 30 MB of free hard drive space
·DirectX 7.0 or higher

Air Command is also friendly to your system. It says in the user manual for the game that it doesn’t add any files to you Windows or Windows\system directories, and it doesn’t touch you WIN.INI, SYTEM.INI, or the Windows Registry.

When you start a new game you choose a skill level (which includes a custom setting), type your name in, and finally choose an Airport area. Once you start the game you will see symbols that represent airports on a map. Than slowly Aircraft symbos will start entering the map. They will fly over check marks and then leave the map or they will head to an Airport to land. But watch it! These aircrafts’ courses often cross each other, which, as we can imagine, can create some pretty large disasters in the sky. Don’t worry though; you can adjust the aircrafts heading, altitude, and speed to make sure they don’t collide. All in all this game has a simple design in theory, but turns out to be a lot more challenging then you would think. This game has good game play, poor graphics, fair sound, and good controls. Out of a rating of 1 to 10, I give Air Command 3.0 a 6 because of its poor graphics and difficult game play. If you want a game with high graphics go buy something else, but if you want something a little less graphical and where you can sit back and be an aircraft controller for a few hours, than I suggest you get this game

Review ID Number: 140
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Shrapnel Games
Review Date: 2001-10-23
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 6 out of 10
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