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Cultures, developed by Funatics, follows the story of a world where the sun has dissapeared leaving food and supplies dreadfully low. Just when this village of vikings are on the brink of extinction a fragment of the sun came hurtling out of the sky and broke into several pieces. One piece landed at the feet of one of the villagers signifying that this was a sign from the gods. This vikings village’s new challenge is to travel the world seeking out the other lost pieces of the sun.

Cultures is a strategy game that plays much like “Warcraft” and “Age of Empires”. The difference being that Cultures moves much more slowly then the above games. While that may sound a tad boring it isn't. This give your more time to plan our your village and gives you time to think. You are in no rush to build build build like you are in “Warcraft”and “Age of Empires”. At times the speed of the game does get tedious and for times like that there is a cheat code to greatly increase the speed of the game. (hit F2 and type funspeedup)

Cultures is a very deep game and has great lasting appeal. With many different structures to build and things to accoplish you won’t want to stop playing this game for a very long time.

Review ID Number: 143
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Review Date: 2001-10-13
Reviewer: Colin Unger
Rating: 9 out of 10
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