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  BVS Solitaire V3.1
This latest version (3.1) of BVS Solitaire from Russia has grow up to 257 Solitaire Card Games and over 80 original games not found elsewhere. It's the largest collection of original solitaires and from what I understand, more than 2 billion possible starting positions for each game. The following features are available in this new version:
• "You Are Stuck" feature lets you know if there are no more legal moves to be made
• "Show Next Move" command allows to check available moves to make
• support for both Drag-and-Drop and Point-and-Click methods to move cards
• 256+ color graphics
• sound
• selectable card backs
• any BMP or JPEG image can be used as a custom card back
• selectable backgrounds
• customized card sets for registered users
• empty foundation pile indicator
• convenient user-customizable toolbar
• multi-level undo/redo
• statistics for multiple players
• log of played games
• score history graph indicates your performance ànd progress in playing selected solitaire game.
• publishing statistics to the BVS Solitaire Collection Web site
• instruction guide to each solitaire game
• restart play feature
• shuffle selection feature
• automatic card moving
• save game position along with undo/redo history
• automatic game saving on exit
Some of these options are a great improvement over the previous one I reviewed and I certainly recommend this new version to all those solitaire junkies. You just might have enough variation to last you a lifetime of solitaire playing

Review ID Number: 146
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BVS Development
Review Date: 2001-09-06
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 10 out of 10
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