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Xicat has come out with another driving or racing game with a simple little twist to it. The racing part is trying to get away from the cops because the goal is to steal cars.
You start out with access to just a couple of cars that you test your getaway skills with and then work your way up to the bigger better vehicles.
It is night time again and as in Carmageddon 3, I wish that more light is shed onto these games.
If you are someone new to computer car control, you will have a hard time using the keyboard because the touch of the keys are extremely sensitive and as your speed increases, control over the vehicle you are driving decreases and so this make the game fairly hard to play.
I suppose once you get used to controlling the cars, then maybe you can get away from the police easier. I believe that maybe using a joystick or steering wheel would make life much better.
The sounds and graphics are very good although somewhat dark. The sirens can get a bit annoying so if you get away from them you will do well.
The subject matter is a bit questionable (stealing cars) but I guess it is better to do it on your computer than in real life.

Review ID Number: 151
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Xicat Interactive
Review Date: 2001-08-09
Reviewer: Shawn Sardy
Rating: 7 out of 10
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