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  Links 2001
Links 2001 golf game from Microsoft is a rather addictive game. To watch a golf game on TV is rather boring but to play it on a computer takes on a whole new dimension. The graphics first of all are outstanding to say the least. The trees, cliffs, sand pits and even the greens are very well done and when you putt, you get a real feeling of slopes when they are sloped. For sound effects, I heard planes flying overhead every now and then and birds too. The characters that you use to play golf with names such as: Arnold Palmer, and Annika Sorenstam, Mark Brunell and Nomar Garciaparra are life-like and they comment on how well their swing was.
I just practiced and of course, luckily, "Mulligan" played an important role in that. I had to try my shots until I got to at least par for each hole. You can try all kinds of things such as playing with or without a crowd around and you can view the ball from a number of angles
I found that when you play this game, you just want to play one more hole and then just one more after that. I did install over one gigabyte of data thinking that I won't have to keep the CD in or to do swapping but unfortunately, the first CD must be left in the computer for the program to work.
The total package is 4 CD's and I did not have to touch the fourth one when I installed the program. However I had not accessed video files as of yet and so I don't know when that fourth CD will be required.
I really liked the game and I hope that I can sneak time now to play it more often.

Review ID Number: 154
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Review Date: 2001-06-08
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 10 out of 10
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