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  Doom 3 - Expansion Pack - Resurrection of Evil
Words from the company:
Reload for the Bloodiest Battle Yet.
Two years following the unexplained disaster on Mars, the UAC returns to the abandoned facilities to investigate a mysterious beacon buried deep in the ruins of the ancient civilization.
* Battle six new demons including the hunters
* Fight in all new 8-player capture the flag arenas
* Wield new weapons including the double barreled shotgun
* Possess demonic powers to use against the enemy
* Control time to defeat the enemy and evade deadly traps
* Harness the force of gravity to control your environment
* Battle through the ancient ruins and into the horrifying depths of hell

The Review:
The first thing you must do on the PC version is change to God Mode with all weapons because if you do not, I guarantee that you will not survive long. The expansion pack is simply more of the same as the Doom 3 program except for more badass monsters and harder to kill ones. As I said in my opening, no matter how good you are you will need help to get through this one.

The game is still dark as ever and that is one of my contentions about this game. Why does it always have to be in the dark? I don’t need to be in the dark to get a scary effect; I would rather appreciate good graphics and not being able to see it because it is dark. The game is still in the same place as the original game and it is just as hard to get around without getting lost. I got lost even by using the Official Game Guide.

Now you might ask if the game is fun and unequivocally, it is great fun and the adrenalin is just pumping and when you finally finish a level, its one of those whew I can rest for a few minutes before going on. If you have finished the first Doom 3, I certainly recommend the expansion pack as it is a new adventure , just with more and newer monsters. Good hunting……. PS bring your flashlight cause you will need it. And remember God Mode and Give All!

Review ID Number: 16
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Review Date: 2005-04-18
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 8 out of 10
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