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 I will admit, I am sorta biased when it comes to first-person shooters... they are my genre of choice. There is nothing better when you are frustrated with work or people or anything for that matter, than to load up a shooter game and start killing things. The bigger the explosions, the better! Recoil is just this kinda game.

Now, even though I said that Recoil is a kill-things-and-make-them-explode kinda game, you do have missions that you must complete to continue through each level, so it's not just mindless carnage.

The year is 2019, and a company called Mega Corp dominates compuer technology in both peace-keeping and war-fighting applications.As they made better and better technology for manufacturing and warfare, humans were only needed to work as drones on PC terminals. Realizing that humans were the weak link in a technological takeover, Mega Corp developed clone technology in order to replicate drone workers and eventually eliminate the human race altogether. A few disillusioned Mega Corp programmers, sabotaged the coding artificial intelligence programs in various Mega Corp products and turned robots and tank machinery into self-directed, man-killing machines. Ironically, these programmers were killed by these machines and thus any hopes of reprogramming these metal monsters was lost. Machines have taken over the Earth. Fortuanately, a few free-thinking outsiders created an underground resistance to Mega Corp's world domination scheme call the Alliance of Dissidents or, A.D. The A.D. developed a computer program that will allow them to remotely control an experimental enemy tank -- the Battle Force Tank -- the most powerful and versatile war machine of this century and have tapped into a way of sending the control program through a time loop to the late 20th century. Now all they need is someone who is not afraid to join their threatened cause and will help them liberate the future from computer control. This person is you.

There are six campaigns or levels that take you from one brutal warzone to the next, each with it's own missions. Most missions require you to utterly destroy something, whether it be the Command Post Core, Rocket Silos, Network Power Plants or Chemical Production Facilitie, but can also include something like just stealing new technology or as in the final Campaign -- unpluging the Network's Central Processor. As you fight your way through endless waves of computer-controlled tanks, turrets and clones the Dissidents give you advice and your mission goals from their remote location. As you enter new areas and achieve mission goals, the Dissisdents will send you more information about advanced missions and the moves of the Network machines.

Your basic weapons that you start with are Rapid Fire Pulse Guns and High Explosive Mortar Cannons. Along the way, you will find new, more effective (and more fun) weapons such as Freon Cannons to freeze your enemies, Laser Sabres which can bounce off some surfaces allowing you to hit enemies you can't see, Arc Sabres whose electrical beam splits to hit all enemies within range, and Sonic Burst Cannons that send concentrated sound waves that twist metal and destroy most bad guys with a single shot. My favorite weapon however, were the Tether-Guided Missle Launcher and the Tether-Guided Nuke Launcher. Once you launch these weapons, you must guide them to their targets by steering them up, down, left and right and a remote camera attached to the missle allows you to see from the point of view of the actual missle. Very cool!

You begin the game piloting your Battle Force Tank -- BFT -- in Tracked Mode... much like a normal tank. During the game, you will aquire other advanced technologies which will allow you to transform your BFT in to Amphib Mode - like a boat, Sub Mode - like a sub, and Hover Mode - which lets you hover over dangerous terrain. Since your BFT is so adaptable, correspondingly, there is a wide variety of enemy vehicles. From the relatively easy to kill Scouts to Lock-On Launchers to Floating Phantoms to Boom Blaster Z-360's to Electric Executioner, you will have your hands full when travelling through enemy-infested areas.

There are two views or camera angles at your disposal - first person and third person. I found the first person view much easier to control and it makes for a much more immersive gaming experience. The third person or outside view of the BFT, I found a little more difficult to control seeing as how you can move the chasis of the BFT and it's gun turret independantly. With the first person angle, it's a what-you-see-is-what-you're-aiming-at kinda situation. And with the option of the full HUD display, it really feels like you are right inside the BFT.

The only downfall of the game (if you want to call it that) is that there are only 6 different Campaigns. Each Campaign however, has about 4 or more missions to complete, but still, I found that there just wasn't enough. Having said that, I must also mention that there is also the option for a multi-player setup, in which instead of taking on the computer, you are fighting against other players. This is done either through a Local Area Network Game, Modem Game, or Internet Game. So while you might think that you are hardcore because you finished all six Campaigns, try taking on other actual players and see how good you are.

All in all, Recoil was a great game with fast animation and superb special effects. Although there are only 6 different Campaigns, you do have the option for multiplayer games via the internet or LAN, so the replay value is good as well. I loved it and if you are sick and tired of the same ol' first person shooter games, give Recoil a try... you'll be impressed.

Review ID Number: 160
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Electronic Arts
Review Date: 2001-04-20
Reviewer: Shawn Sardy
Rating: 8 out of 10
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