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  Midtown Madness
This is a new "driving" game from Microsoft that can be summed up by the first paragraph on their box " Ever want to get behind the wheel and race like a madman through the streets of a teeming city? Here is your chance to careen your way through Chicago traffic that’s thicker than a deep-dish pizza. Forget everything you learned in Driver’s Ed. Run every stop sign, drive the wrong way, or gun-it to jump a drawbridge. No-rules racing means doing whatever it takes to win"
The real only danger is getting behind a wheel right after playing this game. I would suggest waiting for a few hours first.

This is the perfect game to unwind with after a "day at the office". In the first scenario you can just drive all over Chicago without any restrictions. It was fun to run red lights, chase pedestrians (you can’t actually hit one but they will yell at you), ram cop cars, jump open drawbridges etc. There is actually one building that you can run through the glass windows like in the Blues Brothers movie.

You can change vehicles from a new VW Beetle to a city bus. You can select time of day as well as weather conditions. The graphics and sound are excellent, as are the actual physics of the vehicles (adjustable). The video supported direct X and ran on my Diamond Monster 3DFX card as well as my Diamond 770 Ultra. I tried an ATI Pro Turbo on a Pentium II –333MHz but it was choppy. There is no 3Dfx support. It also has excellent force-feedback both for joysticks and wheels.

The program has a excellent Faq file giving suggestions for most problems with either the install or running the program eg. how to get higher performance on a "low powered" machine.

Review ID Number: 165
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Review Date: 2001-04-20
Reviewer: John Mitchell
Rating: 9 out of 10
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