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  Need for Speed 3: Hot Pursuit
This is the newest version of Need for Speed from Electronic Arts. I think they finally have it right.
It combines the police pursuit of version I and the 3DFX graphics of version II SE.
That’s really not fair– the graphics are 1000% better and the tracks and scenarios are also 1000% better. I am going to throw out my previous versions.

The game comes on a CD-ROM and has a good manual. This is necessary because there are a multitude of settings and changes that can be done to make the game (weather – day or night) or the cars (suspension settings etc.) or the controllers (force feedback) customizable for every user.

The game is actually a road racing scenario in which you can race against other cars, time or try to outrun the cops (they are nasty- they will ram you, use roadblocks or spike belts). Actually you can be one of the cops and chase the speeders. You can race in daylight, night, or fowl weather. The only thing I would like changed is the ability to have automatic random selections. The tracks are varied and there are more that are going to be available by download (free) from Electronic Art’s home page. I have already downloaded a new car from their web site, which installed easily and runs like he--.

The game requires a minimum of a Pentium 166 but a 200 is recommended. It also supports 3DFX cards and force feedback controllers. It "would like" 32 Megs of ram and 110 Megs or more of your hard drive. A Pentium II 266 or better is required to run most of the selectable video options, which make the graphics look better than the "real thing".

The game can also be played over a modem, network or the Internet.

Lastly the game set itself up automatically, finding the 3D video and the sound cards. There were no hassles like the previous versions.

Review ID Number: 172
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Electronic Arts
Review Date: 2001-04-20
Reviewer: John Mitchell
Rating: 10 out of 10
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