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  Powerboat Racing
This is a Windows 95 specific game. It comes on a cdrom and installs cleanly without messing up your computer. It requires 52 Megs of your hard drive and needs the cdrom to run. It will run on a 120 Pentium with 16 Megs of ram. The box recommends 130 Megs of hard drive space but my folder only reported 52 Megs. It says it can run on a one Meg video card.

It has superb graphics, sound and excellent joystick feedback (tested with Microsoft’s joystick).

It lacks any sense of a manual and its setup menu is confusing. It also lacks a "save" after each level. You must start over at level one each time. There is a "password" selection, which apparently is for returning to a level later. You receive the password after accomplishing certain courses etc.

A real pain in the place were you sit down. The game TUROK "saves" like this. I finally gave up going through the same levels over and over.

This game is just plain fun – fun and fun. It is a series of racetracks in which you race your boat against other players or computer generated players. You can run into each other – felt in the joystick. The courses include jumps, bumps, tunnels etc.. Some of which change as you go along. This game reminds me of a water version of the old Need for Speed.

It supports 3Dfx cards and will autodetect it on startup, but needlessly asks you each time if you want to use it.

Review ID Number: 187
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VR Sports
Review Date: 2001-04-20
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 8 out of 10
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