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  Sin: Wages of Sin
Preamble... When Activision and Ritual Entertainment first released Sin, it had enough bugs that an 18 Mb patch was necessary. WOS (with the help of 2015) has cleaned up the game further with some nice additional features to help compete with, though not surpass the current crop of action shooters. The game patches you to ver.1.03 though currently the game is at ver.1.06. Ten new enemies, seventeen new single player missions, , seven new weapons, and a couple of new types of multiplayer games- Hoverbikes and Mob Rules.

Company line... Wages of Sin---Thanks to your crime-fighting efforts as security expert Colonel John R. Blade, the homicidal biochemist Elexis Sinclaire is out of commission. But beneath the now peaceful city, mob boss Gianni Manero is gearing up to take Sinclaire's place on Freeport's most wanted list. Wage war through his criminal empire. Take on thug after mutant thug in your struggle to get to the bottom of Manero's evil scheme…before Freeport gets iced.

A Force to Be Reckoned With -Suffer the action-based outcomes of 17 all-new single-player levels. Battle through "live" worlds, including Manero's casino hotel, The Shipyard, and Mutation Research Facilities.

The Mother of All Game Engines-Witness the enhanced Quake II™ engine's vivid 16-bit graphics, real-time lighting effects, rotating maps, translucent models and textures, and improved physics.

Changing the Face of Enemy A.I.-Four new characters and twelve new enemies, plus two wicked end-level bosses, affect your mission at every turn. Superior enemy A.I. makes foes keenly reactive as they evade attacks.

Multiplayer Mobster Mayhem-Enjoy new multiplayer options like weapon and ammo upgrades, and all-new deathmatch levels, plus four exclusive Hoverbike deathmatch levels— all via TCP/IP.

Gameplay... Like any respectable add-on, WOS contains a new campaign with more weapons, bad guys and features. Ritual and 2015 made this more than a map pack with some extra effort. The level scripting has been improved a great deal more and you won't be stopped in your tracks by some event that will basically end the game. Levels include shipyard, mutant research facilities, the Museum, crime boss Manero's Casino, and of course his Penthouse. The ammo is plentiful for a change so that you aren't caught short at a critical time. AI has improved a lot as well with help from some characters, and others running for cover. Visually WOS is right up there with most of the FPS games. Textures are very nice and lighting is something to appreciate. The sound is classic Sin (which is good and bad) with area effects nicely done and the taunts entertaining.

There are seven new weapons available for your arsenal. The Concussion Gun simply allows you to push opponents around. That does no damage but if you bounce the character off a building ledge or against a wall, you may cause critical damage. By itself, the standard issue pistol wasn't all that much of a threat. But putting two of them (akimbo) up in front of your mug is decidedly better. Good as a last resort. Close combat can get nasty if you have a rocket launcher in your hands but switch it for a flame-thrower and you'll turn anyone close by into wienies (ones that either run away or stay for the party). The Plasma Bow is very similar to a weapon I believe I saw in Unreal that allows you to shoot plasma gobs that will explode anyone in your path. Stinger Missile Pack generates a pile of rockets that weave their way into a crowd and decimate the neighborhood. This is only good for wide-open areas because of its tendency to explode on nearby architecture. The IP36 is the ultimate though in weapons. This portable nuclear warhead launcher kicks more than the BFG and will clear out literally any wide-open area of size. The downside is that it will get you often as not. Basically fire and run like hell. The last is the guided missile. It puts a camera onboard and you fly the missile at opponents from a safe position. This one is only available in multiplayer and will attract campers worldwide.

The Flashlight is battery operated and is a great help in getting around those dark levels. The ThermOptic goggles are a great asset that gives you the ability to see the thermal signature of any warm-blooded critter, regardless of lighting conditions.

Multiplayer is where WOS truly shines . You will find 12 new DM levels to explore. Not only do you get the new weapons (including a guided missile!), the Mob character and maps but you also get hoverbikes! Playing on a server with 7-8 people flying around and hopping off to deliver a nuclear warhead is pretty intense. Hoverbikes are capable of shooting rockets, lasers and laying mines. There are a series of checkpoints that will allow you increased ammo and points. Some maps are made exclusively to ride through though you can get off the bike in others to secure more weapons or vantage points. There is a Mob Rules Deathmatch that places one player as the informer. Everyone else may kill the informer for points while the informer’s efforts to kill make his victim the new informer. This could be interesting or boring depending on the crowd you play with. I never did see this on a Sin server.

In the End... Players who bought the original Sin and patched it into a playable game with pretty decent online stability will embrace WOS. The added features are a good effort and this may be enough to keep interest up with the current crop of action shooters. If you liked Sin at all, I definitely recommend this game as a class add-on and upgrade. This is what Sin should have been on first release!

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Review Date: 2001-04-20
Rating: 8 out of 10
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