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  Draken: Order of the Flame
Wow! This game is great. It is about a heroine named Rynn and how she begins an epic quest to find her brother after he gets taken from her by an evil gang of Wartoks who destroy her village and kill everyone in it except her and her brother. The games starts with Rynn looking for her companion Arokh, an ancient dragon who will help her along on her quest. After she finds him they begin to look for Rynn's brother, Delon. She has many tasks to do along the way to get her closer to Delon. Oh yes, you are probably wondering what Wartoks are. Wartoks are evil monsters under the control of a man named Navaros. There are many more monsters you encounter while playing the game as well so if you want to meet them start playing the game after you have read the review, here we go.

You control Rynn with either just your keyboard, your mouse and keyboard together or a joystick and keyboard. I recommend the joystick and keyboard because they make you feel more one with the game. The game has many features like "mplayer" which gets loaded onto your computer with the rest of the software that comes with the game. This lets you log onto the internet and play out battles on the ground with Rynn and in the sky with Arokh amongst other Drakan players. Another feature is the "quicksave" feature in which you just press "Q" on your keyboard and it saves the game automatically to your hard drive.

There is also a site for cheat codes for Drakan: Order of The Flame and it will bring up a list of cheats like "iamgod" or "gimme" which will turn on god mode or will give you any weapon you know of when you type it in along with gimme. Those are just some of the features that I can name but if you want to find more I encourage you to play the game and learn more about them it is very easy especially if you read the manual that comes with the game because it is really a keep it simple stupid book to read. The manual tells you all sorts of things like movements with keyboard and how to do them. Also it tells the whole story of how humans and dragons became united in the world of Drakan.

Well there is a lot more I could tell you but why not go buy it or try it if you've got it. Oh yeah if you like role playing or just imitating a really good looking computer chic this is the game for you.

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Review Date: 2001-04-20
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 9 out of 10
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