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  Madden NFL 2005
Words from the company:
Force the action on defense in Madden NFL 2005. New defensive tools allow you to make more plays and be in on all of the action. The all-new Hit Stick lets you lay the big hit to turn the momentum of the game in your favor. With the new Storyline Central, you get the inside scoop around the league from radio host Tony Bruno, along with local and national newspapers, to help you make critical franchise decisions. With groundbreaking graphics that capture the real stadium experience, Madden NFL 2005 continues its 15-year tradition of innovation in video game football.

The Review:
If you like watching football and have always wanted to feel what it is like to be in the action then you will want to try this game out. The game has a wide variety of plays and play books to choose from, so you can always keep it fresh against the enemy. Before you begin your plays you can go into an aerial view of what it looks like on the field and it will also give you where each receiver is going to go so you can map out your entire play before you throw the ball. Game play and the AI was stunning, no matter what receiver you decide to throw to you always know where he is going to be as he follows his path for the play. Also allows you to get right in there and challenge plays if you don’t like something as well as watch replays and save them. And to give you advice John Madden is right there when you need help deciding on a play. Also commentating is Tony Bruno who does a sports radio in the game after every week of the season. He takes calls from people, as well as gives updates of what is going on in the world of the Madden NFL.

Game modes include Franchise, Mini Camp, 2 Minute Drill, Situation, Practice, and Network Game. Franchise mode has everything from drill camps where you can increase the moral and stats of each of your players to preseason games and regular season games as well as weekly updates from what is going on in the league. You can also create your own player and change his appearance, characteristics and stats, Team Fans, Plays and Play Books. 2 minute drill, situation, practice allow you to work on your plays and with network you can connect to anyone online or on a LAN.

This game was so awesome I can’t wait to see how the game play and graphics are going to be in Madden NFL 2006.

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EA Sports
Review Date: 2005-07-29
Reviewer: Alex Moulton
Rating: 10 out of 10
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