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  Cops 2170: The Power of Law
Words from the company:
In the future the government watches over everything for the “safety of the public”, society is under their complete control. Cyber links are implanted into each newborn child, marking their host with a unique ID. Cities have turned into monstrous urban centers giving the term urban sprawl a hazardous new meaning.

This is the world our protagonist, Katrin lives in. She is a recent graduate of the police academy, an excellent student, and an exceptional athlete. On this morning, she wakes up thinking that this day will be just like any other; unaware that her new assignment on the recent terror attacks plaguing the city will place her directly in the path of an evil genius.

COPS 2170: The Power of Law is a hybrid of RPG and Tactical Strategy. The central storyline unfolds in the future where the cyberpunk culture and a highly-urban oriented society have populated North America. Players will control Katrin and her team of up to 7 police agents attempting to eliminate the criminal element in their metropolis.

The Review:
This game at first looked to me like it was going to be an incredible one. But after starting, it did not turn out as I had planned. First off it is round based so after a certain area of movement you have to let the computer move the enemies around, and that takes time. Second, the cut scenes, which aren’t really much of cut scenes, more of blurbs above the persons head full of what the person is saying, are very long and almost dragged out. They are way too long for my liking. And third they didn’t give you anything to get you used to the controls or how the game works and I must say there is not very much to the games controls but they took a while to get used to. I myself did not like the feel of the game overall. But if you are into the round based style this would be a game to get. I did not have any problems with the install either.

Review ID Number: 20
  Product Details
Strategy First
Review Date: 2005-02-26
Reviewer: Alex Moulton
Rating: 6 out of 10
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