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Here is a game that I had to download off the internet. I don't normally do this but this game is from the Ukraine and I was curious as to its quality.

The download was easy and installation was just as fast.

I then discovered an extremely addictive game that I can only recommend to people with lots of time on their hands because it is a difficult game to quit.

One special feature to note is the ability to go on line (on internet) and post your high score and compete world wide. The program comes with 4 different game sets including geometric shapes (my favorite), Railway tracks (very difficult), Balloons and cartoon character faces. The company promises to put others on their website in the future for free downloads. The object of the game is to remove the pieces by clicking on 2 or more of similar ones together and as they disappear the pieces above them drop and you continue until you can remove them no more. You also listen to music while you play and it is a nice one for a change and quite soothing. You, of course have the option to turn it off if you just want silence.

Info from the Company:

Worldwide Highscore Contest

Our Worldwide Highscore Contest gives you the unique oportunity of competing with other players. Right from the game you can submit your best results to our site, where they will be automatically included into our Highscore Tables.

There are score lists for each game type (Downward, Upward and Assembly), game size (Small, Medium, Large) and difficulty level (2,3,4,5 items, except for Assembly type game, where number of items is fixed) - 27 tables in sum.
Submitting your results is easy: click button at the bottom of the screen. The program launches your default Windows mail client, displaying the message with your results. Send it as you usually send mail. The program posts your highest result for each type of game, board size and difficulty level.

Right from the game you can go to Aha!Game site and see the Wordwide Highscore Tables. To do this, click that large AHA! button on the left
of the screen, to launch your default Internet browser and visit the site.

To download a demo of this game simply click on this URL:

Review ID Number: 201
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Review Date: 2001-04-20
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 10 out of 10
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