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Did you ever wannabe a Rogue or a Warrior? I have always fancied myself the Sorcerer type and so that was the character I developed to test this game out.
Now if you wish to forsake your job, your friends and family and get nothing else done in your life then get this game. I warn you that it is addictive to the extreme.

The last time I was taken by a game such as this was a long time ago when I played a game called Times of Lore for the Commodore 64 and the Amiga. Diablo has certainly brought back fond memories.

When you first start out, you develop a character and build up his strengths and weaponry. You talk to all the villagers to get a direction of your quests. The first two I have found was to clean up the foulness of the water supply and to kill someone called the butcher. When you first start out, these two quests are very difficult until you get stronger and have good weapons.

A great aspect of Diablo is that you can restart the game as often as you wish while all the time keeping your characters attributes as well as what he is holding or carrying. This allows you to build up your character and learn ways and means to defeat your foes. Every time you restart the game the layout of the dungeons are different and so it seems always to be new. Meanwhile you collect things that you can use as you go along.

As a Sorcerer, I look for books of spells because it does not take up room and it adds to my powerful spell inventory and my favorite is the firebolt because it kills just about everything until you get into the deeper parts of the dungeon.

The problem with casting these spells is that it uses up your mana (inter-spell casting strength). To replenish your mana you must go back to the town and buy it from the Witch or the Healer and for that you need money so it becomes a vicious circle. You can use the town portal scroll or if you are a sorcerer like me you use a spell to travel directly back to town to buy more mana juice so that you can cast even more spells and find gold and good stuff to aid you in your battles.

The enemy in the dungeon varies from skeletons to vicious dog-like creatures to bats to minotaurs and zombies to name just a few. They all require killing of course ands the more of them you kill the stronger your character gets. As you get stronger you are able to use more powerful weaponry.

Well the long and the short of it for me is that this is a simply awesome game that I am still playing and will continue to play for a while yet. Even though I am not really a gaming type of person, I am making an exception with this one.

My recommendation is that if you want something that will take up hours and hours of fun time in your life then this game is for you.

Review ID Number: 203
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Review Date: 2001-04-19
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 10 out of 10
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