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  I of the Dragon
Words from the company:
The omens were ignored. The birth of a two-headed calf was the first sign. Then for seven straight days the sunset was disfigured by a greenish hue, just as the prophecies warned. People began to whisper of strange beasts roaming the wilds. Some investigated the tales, but were never heard from again.

The people of Nimoan had forgotten war, but in the 6th Age, war is the reality and peace will be no more.

Armies were gathered and sent forth, but only a few survivors managed to make it back. They told tales of monsters, countless numbers of them, all raging with an unquenchable blood thirst. The soldiers warned that these creatures were fast approaching their villages.

All seemed lost... and. And then It came. Just as the prophecies foretold of doom, they also promised a savior, a strong and powerful beast, The Dragon.

Who or what unleashed these monsters on the peaceful Nimoans, and for what purpose? Discover the truth through the I of the Dragon...

The Review:
This game really did blow me away. The fact that you have complete control of the dragon and everything else it does was just amazing. When your stamina starts to run out you can actually fly low to the ground, pick up a creature, and then have yourself a meal to regain stamina. As you kill more enemies you gain experience points, and when you gain a level you can add more points to any aspect of your dragon including, health, stamina, attack, breathing power and more. You can even get special attacks when you gain a level, and store them in special slots for later for use at any time, as they regenerate.

The graphics were another thing that I loved about this game. When you fly low to the ground each time your wings flap, the air force from this actually pushes and pulls the trees. It also has incredible frame rate, throughout the time I played this game there was not a single glitch in the graphics. I did not have any problems with the installation or any other part of this game and it doesn’t require very high quality hardware to run.

Review ID Number: 21
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Strategy First
Review Date: 2005-02-26
Reviewer: Alex Moulton
Rating: 10 out of 10
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