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  Tarot Magic

Welcome to the world of make believe, four leaf clovers and luck. Here is a program that will tell you your fortune or lack of, in a very entertaining way. I saw this program advertised on the television and I thought that it would be an interesting program to review. This was after my wife said to me "why don't you review programs like that one that I can enjoy too." How could I argue with that so I got in touch with the company and asked for an eval copy.
I found out unfortunately that although the program was advertised, it wasn't really ready yet for the marketplace. Right away I was setting myself up for a buggy program that had to be release before it was ready due to financial pressures.

"Surprise, Surprise, Surprise", as Gomer Pyle used to say. I was impressed with this one when it came. Installation was a breeze. I particularly appreciated the way the program asks you the strength of your computer for the best possible installation procedure. In it went without a hitch and I was ready to sit back and enjoy the show.

The program plays an undulating musical score in the background reminding me of Myst. Then it talked and the speech was smooth and soothing. I found that with the coaxing the program offers, you did not have to refer to the manual that came with the program.

You have the option of choosing a special deck of Tarot cards from among the ten shown here on the left. Each one from different cultures and artists. These are famous in their design and I must admit I have three of the original decks that are covered here in this program and the pictures on the cards are quite vivid and like the originals.

Now, I don't know much about fortune telling so I would not know how to spread the cards but the program offers a variety of different spreads. In the first row you have from left to right:
Advice Spread, Celtic Cross, Days of the Week, Horoscope Spread, Life Cycle, Relationships. In the second row from left to right:
Right Livelihood, Self Knowledge, Star of David, Time Line and the Tree of Life.

The program also included a library of information about the description of each card and its meaning. This can be very useful if you are like myself, totally ignorant of the power of these cards and their fortune telling properties.

There is a slide show of the cards that you can watch as well and have access to a note pad to take notes and then save the info. The program will also save a reading so that you can go back to it at a later date and see if the fortune telling came true.

This program currently retails for under fifty dollars off the companies web site and I will certainly recommend it to one and all who are interested in this arcane art form. It's is also great at parties or for one on one with the woman or man of your life.

Review ID Number: 210
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Visionary Networks
Review Date: 2001-04-19
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 10 out of 10
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