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  Carnivores 2
The game Carnivores 2 is an interesting game. It takes the player to a world where you either hunt or die. It’s the second of the series, but I have never played the first one so after playing this I might go and see how the other is.

The installation was quick and easy. The game play is interesting because you get to go back in time to hunt dinosaurs. If only I could shoot it would make it much easier. The graphics are great. The 3D engine is comparable to other current titles, but then I haven’t seen a game out there yet that is built like how we see the world. After dying numerous times in the game, I got better at the killing but got bored at the repetition, since the whole point of the game is to kill the same dinosaurs over and over. What was a real help to understand the controls and whole point of the game was the small instruction booklet. It helped me understand the point system of the game where if you get a big dinosaur you get more points. As in any game you start at the bottom and work your way up to the top.

The controls for the game are not spread out that far. Like other games like "Quake" the numbers above the letters are used to scroll through the weapons. I like the way the weapons are designed for certain levels. The one feature this game has is that you enter a world filled with 9 mammoth prehistoric dinosaurs as well as trudge through the 5 eerily realistic looking 3D maps, that including a dense jungle, vast swamps, open deserts and more. In this game your equipped with a pistol, crossbow shotgun, sniper rifle, db shotgun, and rifle. This game is perfect for people that like to hunt. Just like the other games done by wizard works the only difference is, is that it takes place in a different time era and a whole new type of prey to hunt, that will also hunt you. You have to alter your plan of attack as the dinosaurs follow and learn your movements.

Danger is always near, so prepare to crouch and take cover to avoid the charging velociraptor or any other charging dinosaur that may cross your path since they are capable of crushing you. Survival skills may take you to engaging hidden areas for more dinosaur stalking action. But like I had mentioned before it doesn’t change much except for a different scenario. Get ready to feel a chill run down your spine as you hear the eerie shrill of a distant, but ever-present dinosaur. Also don’t forget the warnings that will pop up during the game play. When you kill an animal, the program displays info about this animal along with how many point you received for the kill. Another thing is, after you kill the right dinosaur a ship will come by and pick it up.

In the screen before you hunt you are given the option to change the time of day from dawn to dusk, as well, the weapons you want (if they are available), the area and what you want to hunt (listing the animals and their worth), and the type of equipment you want to use in your search.

One of these items is the radar. The radar in this game I have found is not that reliable. It only locates one dinosaur that you are calling. To some that maybe all they want but I think it would be nice to for it to have it look for the closest dinosaur in the area for the hunter. At the beginning of the game, you are given 100 credits to rent a planetary location, purchase weapons and buy any extras to aid in the hunt. Naturally, a hundred credits won't buy much, so you can't start off with anything more dangerous than a simple handgun or a crossbow. Yet I have found the crossbow more effective then the handgun since the crossbow is quieter than the handgun. All the handgun did for me was made the animals run away or start coming right for me. Yet, once you get enough points to get the other options, it becomes more interesting. Overall I have enjoyed this game, but can see that without patience this would be a boring game.

Review ID Number: 213
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Wizard Works
Review Date: 2001-04-19
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 7 out of 10
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