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  Prince of Persia 3D
Note by reviewer Dennis J Mervin: I first had the opportunity to correspond with Monika when she enquired about the Prince of Persia Collection about a year ago. She had wanted to know about getting a copy for herself and I offered her the copy I have. When the Prince of Persia 3D version came out, I offered it to her in exchange for a review. She is a native of Montevideo, Uruguay. I will forward any appropriate email to her.

This is her online debut. Enjoy.

"I do not have any experience at all with computers. I bought mine for 3 years ago more or less and I am learning everything by myself. I use help buttons, read some books and ask some friends when that is not enough. I learn what I need on the way. I just bought it because of the Internet but then I found millions of applications and now I can not think to live without one! There are computers in my office also, but that is only a digitizing work. I give numbers to the computer and there is a program, which does all the work. What I am considering now is to take a course in reparation but it could be only if I could get a scholarship."-Monika

Company line...

In 1989, the Prince of Persia legacy was launched and with it the beginning of the action/adventure genre. Now in 1999, the Prince will return using landmark 3D and animation technology. Sharpen your blade, ready your bow and arrow, and enter 12-Century Persia. Tread carefully and keep your wits about you, because your demise might just lie around the corner.


For all those people who loves "Prince of Persia" adventures, here is the fabulous 3D version.

There is a new dimension in Prince of Persia to help enjoy the game... and to watch out for. One needs to be used to playing with three dimensions or be ready to lose many lives until you learn how. Maybe the youngest are more suitable for the 3D option given that they are growing up immersed in it. Anyway, an option of different levels of difficulty is available.

There are many more possibilities because of the 3 dimensional effect. It is very difficult to know the right movement when the choices are all around, up and down. It is a very funny intricate labyrinth. The new dimension that this game brings comes with much more possibilities of movements; it is not only up and down, right or left. There is more interaction with the background and that is why one have to watch out and be careful.

The movements are easy but you may lose your perspective sometimes. This means that sometimes you do not know where you are, or how far you are from an instant before. For example the prince is running and on the screen you can see like your eyes were his eyes, but, in a second, you suddenly see his back. Then, for a moment, you do not know where you are.

The characters are not as sweet as before; now they look strong and hard now and the charm is missing. But it has a beautiful presentation, which brings an antique taste, very enjoyable.

The graphics and the resolution are good. It is just like watching a video movie.

The installation is very simple but it takes too long to run it and it is impossible to play this game without a 3D accelerator.

I think this version is fabulous but I do not like it. I like the others. This is nearest to the reality and does not look so inoffensive like the others. I really do not know if it is recommendable or not. The thing is that the youngest likes 3D but do not love so much the prince and the princess and that sweet story. They prefer war, cars, and those who are not so young like the story but do not like 3D. But for those who love the Prince adventures, it is very funny to prove it and I am sure that they want to do it.

Regarding the changes in PoP3D from earlier versions, well, I can not think about any ones but maybe it could have been more sweetie. Like I said, the charm is lost.

Bottom line...

I do not like games. I only like this game. Never wanted to play any others. They do not attract me. I first meet this one with somebody who came from Paris, bringing the first version. Like I said before, it is sweetie, inoffensive, it is a nice story, the characters are gracious, there is no real violence, it has some kind of charm. This one attracted me. There are maybe other games like this one but I do not know them.

About the recommendation I’ve already written about it. I think that Prince’s followers need no recommendations, they will want to have it, I am sure. If I like something, I want to try further versions and it does not matter if it is not what I expected. The challenge is present in all the versions, anyway.

But, if I was not in love with this game and if we talk about this one, separately from the other versions, well, I would not buy it. You know, a conclusion came now to my mind. In my opinion younger people do not like it, so I do not recommend this game; it is just for those who like the Prince adventures and are curious to know what is new.

"Is it a game that would hold your attention for a period of time?"

Yes, of course it is! It is not easy to play it and I do not like to give up

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Review Date: 2001-04-19
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 7 out of 10
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