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  Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine
Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine is a action packed adventure game that involves clever thinking. When the tower of Babel was destroyed, Marduk’s disciples fled to different parts of the world carrying four critical parts of the Infernal Machine with them. Each part has its own power, and can in certain cases be used as a weapon. Indy can only endure using parts for short periods without damage. Only when all four machine parts are returned can the Infernal Machine operate again. Therefore, the object of the game is to recover all of the four parts to Marduk’s "Infernal Machine" before the Soviets have a chance to repair it themselves. However, recovering the machine parts is not exactly easy since each of the parts has a supernatural guardian or monster, keeping it safe from intruders. Specifically, the Lava Guardian of the Palawan temple guards Taklit’s part, the Ice Guardian of the Shambala sanctuary guards Urgon’s part, the Robot Guardian of Nub’s Egyptian tomb guards Nub’s remains, Quetzalcoatl at Teotihuacan guards Azerim’s part, and finally Ethereal Marduk guards the final machine part. The first level of the game, the Canyonlands, allows you to become accustomed with some of Indy’s weapons and the keys used to move agile Indy about the well constructed landscapes.
The main keys used are the arrow keys, however a combination of other keys provide actions such as jumping, pushing, pulling, firing weapons, and picking up items to name a few. Of course different keys are used for underwater actions like swimming and drawing weapons, as well as driving the jeep or riding the raft or the mine car. The game does allow the use of a gamepad, joystick or mouse, but I personally found keyboard more accessible and easier to control because it is possible to customize the controls to make Indy’s moves more comfortable for one’s specific playing style.

Throughout the game, a map (accessed by the M key) can be used to show all areas previously explored in the level and if one gets really stuck, hints can be accessed through the Gameplay Options on the Options Menu. Difficulty of the game can be adjusted though Gameplay Options as well, which affects how easily the enemies (spiders, snakes, lizards, etc) are to kill and the timing of certain puzzles. Along with having to deal with various enemies, Indy can also collect hidden and not so hidden treasures throughout the game. Each level contains ten treasures such as gold and silver ingots, gems, and valuable idols. Once picked up, these treasures appear in Indy’s inventory in the treasure box and are worth money at the Trading Post, which appears between levels.

The Trading Post has items for sale, including ammunition and items that can restore Indy’s health. Pressing the Escape key throughout the game allows access to the interface, which contains the Weapons, Treasure/Health, Items and Options menus.

The Weapons Menu shows which weapons Indy has acquired and the number afterward shows ammunition, however, at the beginning of the game, Indy only has his fists, his whip, and his revolver to protect himself. The great part about the use of fire arms in this game is the auto-aim, which means if Indy points in the general direction of an enemy, his gun is trained on that target.

The Items Menu contains all the things Indy picks up that are neither weapons, ammunition, treasures, nor health kits, like keys to doors or machine parts. Always included in the Items Menu is Indy’s lighter, used to light up dark rooms, and his chalk, used to write on walls.

The Options Menu contains useful game functions like game statistics (shows various statistics about the game) , help (online manual), save game, load game, gameplay options (enables or adjusts special features in the game), control options (enables changing of default keyboard and controller settings for the game), display options (allows changing of various video display features), and sound options (adjust volume).

Indian Jones and the Infernal Machine is an exciting walk about game involving ingenuity and fast fingers. Due to animated blood and violence the game is recommended to teen and older players, whom I believe will greatly enjoy the thrill of this game. This game has excellent 3d graphics that draw you in and really get you involved in the game. Lucas Arts promises "pure action, pure adventure, pure Indy", and that is exactly what you get!

Review ID Number: 223
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Lucas Arts
Review Date: 2001-04-19
Reviewer: Kristin Sardy
Rating: 10 out of 10
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