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Here is another simulation program for couch potatoes. It doesn't take guts to jump off a cliff and glider on the warm air currents and even if you crash from 3000 feet you walk away unhurt except for your dignity. No this isn't in real life but in this new program called Hangsim.

It took me seconds to get the hang of controlling your flying by using your mouse and yes I crashed a number of times but so what. The response to the mouse controls were instant and that took a bit more time to master well.

There are a number of scenarios to work on from just fun flying to competition as well as shoot outs and of course you have your choice of flying vehicles from 6 flyable gliders, 2 different hang-gliders, 2 paragliders, 1 sailplane and 1microlite.

From high up the graphics look good but as you get closer to ground it goes to larger pixels and looses the high quality that many of us have gotten used to. The feel of the game though is excellent and if you have never experienced flying in one of these machines, it is worth the experience.

The simulation would be a good addition to anyone's flying simulation collection mainly for the difference of what you are flying. The companies web site also has add-ons for scenery at this location.

I think that this program will start a real fan club dedicated to enhancing the program with edited scenery and new flying machines so I am sure that the news groups will start something soon if they haven't already.

Review ID Number: 228
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Wilco Publishing
Review Date: 2001-04-19
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 8 out of 10
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