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  Cyber Grannies
Cyber Grannies is an easy educational game to play. There are 26 different Grannies for every letter of the alphabet, a kangaroo named Atoz, which he will take you from each "letter world" to the next. Each "letter world" is themed around the Grannies occupation.

I found installation and gameplay quite easy and straightforward. Cyber Grannies has interactive learning activities as well as the chance to build new skills such as: Math/science, language, thinking, and creativity. Children can expand their vocabulary with 450 new words and definitions to the words as well as basic counting and arithmetic skills.

I found the game easy to get started, the directions are constantly repeated and if the player still needs help there is a bell the player can click on and the Granny can help the player out. I found that some of the activities a bit difficult for the age group categorized (3-6) but this can give parents the chance to play along and to teach and help out with the harder areas of the game. This game is worth the price because there is much educational use children can get from the game, and it could be a good classroom tool for the aspect that it not only builds skills but it also informs children about different occupations and professions.

The game manual tells you all you really need to know about playing the game; inside it explains where all the interactive games are in the different "letter worlds" and a few short cuts.

Review ID Number: 231
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Review Date: 2001-04-19
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 7 out of 10
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