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  Ultimate Home Horoscope & Tarot

 I have seen a few Tarot or fortune telling software in my time and this package is a bit more comprehensive as it offers four types in one box. You have Tarot Magic, which I actually reviewed a few years back and here it is now repackaged but not updated. The computer I am using to check these programs out are fairly powerful and yet the sound was a bit garbled. The program starts out with a kind of hoaky castle scene where you go up to the castle, go inside and then climb a tower of stairs to get into the reading chamber. This was done as a slide show and though cute, totally un-necessary.
The readings seem fine and you do have historical access to the card info. All in all for someone who wants a bit of info on Tarot, this program will provide that info. The books you can look at come up in acrobat format and if you do not have Acrobat, version 3 is there to install. I am currently using version 5 so that gives you an idea of the age of this program.

I then proceeded to install the horoscope program and this one is a bit more informative. It does provide with some silly animation of planets and stuff but the textual content is there.
You can in fact do readings for all kinds of people by setting the database up with the info such as name, D.O.B., birth location and so forth. I did not take it to the printing stage but I am sure that it does a good job.

I am not really into Palmistry or the Oracle which are the other two programs in this package.

The price is right, the program is fun and should be treated as such

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Topics Entertainment
Review Date: 2002-07-03
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 7 out of 10
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