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Have you ever wanted to explore the night sky? Or watch how stars form? Now it’s possible with Compton’s Learning Astronomy. I found the program full of information and very interesting. However, it’s a personal preference type of program, and if you’re not too into galaxies, the universe and such you might find this a bit boring.

Some of the tool bars are a hard to understand and you might find yourself not really knowing what you are doing. There are "guided tours" which a speaker will talk to you about your selected category, or pictures and trailers which you can watch and read at the same time. With some of the "tours" you might need a pretty large attention span or else you might drift off some were else, but it was like a roller coaster almost because I found some of the "tours" quite interesting and worth listening to.

Being a high school student I find this program would be great for the classroom, it has bright and colorful animation and the information is current and you can also go back in history to learn about once in a life time events that have broaden our minds on the universe.

One of the aspects of the program which I found was neat was you could be looking at a picture of Uranus and you can click on any star around it and it would come up with a name, coordinates and visibility from earth. Something else that I really like about the program is that you can visit Pluto 100 years in the future, predict an eclipse or map the stars.

I gave the program 8 out of 10, it was a very well researched program, lots of information and great pictures. However, like I said before for some of the stuff you might need a good attention span because the information can be quite tedious. Although, from all the educational programs I’ve seen this one is quite good, but my opinion could be bias due to personal preference.

I recommend this to any astronomy buffs out there or to those aspiring astronomers.

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Learning Co.
Review Date: 2001-04-19
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 8 out of 10
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