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  Spiderman Desktop Theme
OK all you Spiderman fans, here is yet another way for you to let the world of Spiderman take over you’re your life… or in this case, your computer. That’s right; StarDock has come out with a Spiderman Desktop Theme. Using Theme Manager OEM (a ‘lite” version of StarDock’s Object Desktop that they license to other companies to distribute their desktop themes… in this case to Marvel) you can completely change your Windows desktop. The Spider-Man Desktop changes your wallpaper, START bar, Windows GUI, icons, and nearly every other part of your Windows GUI, into a blue, red, and grey Spiderman workspace.

Installation is a breeze. With literally 6 clicks of the mouse, Stardock’s Theme Manager OEM is installed on you system and you can choose the theme that you want to apply. Once you have selected the Spiderman Theme, and clicked apply, a second window opens up which allows you to select how much of the Theme you want to use. You can choose to select all these aspects of the theme (the IconPackager, WindowBlinds, and the Wallpaper) or any variation thereof. This was a great option, for example, if you have a favorite Wallpaper that you use for your desktop, you have the option to only install the Spiderman icons or WindowBlinds.

The Wallpaper that is installed with the Spiderman Desktop Theme was great… my only dislike was the large www.spider-man that was in the middle of the screen on the left-hand side, right beside the action shot of Spidey. This detracted from the overall appeal of the wallpaper. You will find a small Spidey face icon in the top left corner of every window that you open. This has shifted the regular program icon that resides in the top left that you could normally double-click on to close the window. The point of this icon is that it is a link to www.spider-man It took a little getting used to at first and many a time, I ended up opening multiple Internet Browser windows that would try to link to their site. Even more frustrating was that they would never connect. The actual link to their site did not have a hyphen between ‘spider’ and ‘man’. A little oversite on the developer list of things to do I think.

If you are not running Windows XP (and I’m sure that many of you old-schoolers out there are not), unfortunately, you will not be able to let Spidey take over you system. Also, if you are used to running high resolutions on your system (my laptop is runs at 1280x768) you might want to tone it down a bit, otherwise, some of your cool-looking Spidey icons might just look like colored blurs of red, blue and grey.

Overall, the Spiderman Desktop Theme was fun to use and looked great. I found the menus a little darker than I’m used too, but still very useable and nicely put together. If you are not a fan of the web-slinger, you’ll probably get bored with this theme. But if you can’t get enough of Spidey, this desktop theme is for you.

Review ID Number: 244
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Review Date: 2004-08-14
Reviewer: Shawn Sardy
Rating: 8 out of 10
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