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Ron Ridley Auto Care Mall

  Goldfish Aquarium V1.0
Words from the company:
First bred for the emperors of China, these gentle gems are like watching an underwater ballet. These fish are not animated like a movie, they are completely autonomous creatures.

The review:
This company sought me out in a totally different way. I give out hints and tips on the radio every morning for the last 10 years and someone from the company heard it and looked me up and then sent me info about this great screen saver that they had produced.

I normally do not believe in screen savers any more because the software and the quality of monitors these days do not require you to ensure that the screen changes regularly so you don’t burn the screen in with what is on display.

So I downloaded the screen saver program and it installed very smoothly and placed an icon on my desktop as well in my quick start.

As a screen saver you get various options as most of you know and this one is no different. You can look at what their options offer by looking at the screen shots on the side of this review.

The graphics are incredible and when the screen saver is running, it truly looks like an aquarium in your monitor screen.

This program requires an incredible amount of processing power so you better have lots to go around or it will not be as smooth. The program allows you to have five fish of your choice or at random to swim around and then the background can change as well. I would have like to have seen a bigger variety of backgrounds but maybe in the future that will come as add ons.

If you enjoy screen savers and this one is especially good for your cat to watch then this one is for you for sure.

Review ID Number: 245
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Prolific Publishing Inc.
Review Date: 2004-02-21
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 9 out of 10
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