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  Norton Antivirus Professional 2004
Words from the company:
Symantec's Norton AntiVirus 2004 Professional is the world’s most trusted antivirus solution with advanced protection. It protects email, instant messages, and other files by removing viruses automatically. Expanded threat detection alerts you to spyware and similar hacking programs. You also get advanced tools for data recovery and secure file deletion, plus a license for two computers.

The Review:
To start out with, I just want to say that I have been using the Norton Antivirus program ever since I can remember and there is a very good reason for this. We are in the testing business and we have tried other anti virus programs and many are very good at it but none that we found cover all aspects of antivirus. Whether it is a virus coming in as an attachment to email or a malicious script coming through the web by browsing, Norton catches them keeping your system safe. Even as new viruses are developed by people who have nothing better to do with their smarts than creating destructive and expensive viruses, within hours of getting a copy, it seems that Symantec has come up with a fix for them.

This new version has even started to develop anti-spyware as well which is their natural progression to better their product. The professional version here can also be installed on 2 different computers as well.

The program will support AOL instant Messenger version 4.7 or higher, Yahoo messenger version 5.0 or higher and MSN messenger version 4.6 or higher. This was a problem in the past with people using Windows 98 but that has been rectified now.
All in all, this program I would recommend it to everyone who needs true security against viruses.

Review ID Number: 246
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Review Date: 2003-12-23
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 10 out of 10
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