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  PC Anywhere
Words from the company:
Symantec pcAnywhere™ 11.0 is the world’s leading remote control solution. Its integrated tools make it easy for helpdesk personnel to resolve server and workstation problems. Robust security prevents unauthorized access to enterprise resources. File transfer users will appreciate the ability to queue multiple files and then work uninterrupted while the files are transferring.

System Requirements
Windows® XP Home Edition/Professional
Intel® Pentium® (or compatible) 233MHz or higher processor
64 MB of RAM (128 MB recommended)

Windows 2000 Professional/Server, Windows NT® Workstation and Server 4.0, Windows 98/Me
Intel Pentium (or compatible) 150MHz or higher processor
64 MB of RAM (128 MB recommended)

35 MB of available hard disk space
DVD or CD-ROM drive

The Review:
If you are using version 10 of this program for home use, there really isn’t any need to upgrade. This version of PC Anywhere is aimed at serious heavy users such as larger offices where security and encrypted systems are used along with heavy duty firewalls.

The program still runs and works superbly as it did in the previous versions and I cannot imagine why these upgrades are needed. When something works, don’t mess with it. I guess you can make as much money that way. I don’t want to get too technical in this review except the file transfers are a breeze including queuing and controlling computers over broadband access works very well. It also has dos command capabilities as well which is a great feature in this version.

Symantec’s products have always been good and PC Anywhere version 11.0 is right up there with the rest

Review ID Number: 247
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Review Date: 2003-08-08
Rating: 10 out of 10
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