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  Robohelp Version X3

 I had a chance to play with a program called RoboHelp and it reminded me of Microsofts Front Page. When you first look at the package, it is sold as a help file creator to work in various Windows format.

What I found was an HTML creating program with preset templates and guides to help you create web pages. The various formats that are offered are:
• Web Help Enterprise which covers the WebHelp Enterprise cross-browser, cross-platform output format. Includes customer feedback reports, natural language search and multiple author support.
• WebHelp covers a browser-based Help project using WebHelp's cross-browser, cross-platform output format.
• HTML Help covers an HTML-based Help project with Microsoft HTML Help as the output target.
• JavaHelp covers an HTML-based Help project with JavaHelp as the output target.
• Oracle Help covers HTML-based Help project with Oracle Help for Java as the output target.
• WinHelp covers a Help project with WinHelp as the output target.

All these options come with Wizards to help you through the process and make it easier to use but then it is a WISIWIG format so that of course make it easy for even non initiates to this field of web page creation.

This program also comes with a large number of tools, one of which includes a screen recorder that will let you capture screen actions. This aspect of the program I found fascinating.
There are certainly more features in this package and I would recommend that you pick it up and try it for yourself.

Review ID Number: 250
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eHelp Corporation
Review Date: 2002-11-05
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 8 out of 10
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