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  Telnet 2000
On one of our testing computers the Telnet program that comes with windows got corrupted somehow and stopped working. I thought that maybe I will search for an another copy of a Telnet program and check out if there is more to this type of program than the one that comes with Windows for free.

I came across Telnet 2000 and downloaded it and wrote to Telnet Software Inc for a code to open it up so that I can see the fully functional program. I received the registration code but was told that the code will only allow for a bit longer time for the testing of the software. I thought that this was kind of stingy considering the variety of software that we review without limitations and here comes a program that is free with Windows being limited by its designers.

Well no problem, maybe there is something different and special about the program.
I started to test it out to see what was different and to my surprise, it had the same features that the Windows one has. Sure you can change the color of the letters a bit more but the various tasks that Telnet does is the same.

Well fine this is after all what the program is supposed to do and it does it well.
Now for the downfall of this program, the cost. I went to their website and found that the company wants $195 US and that to me is outrageous.

The program is excellent but then so is the one in Windows so If you are rich and need a Telnet program well this one is definitely for you, I am sorry but I will stick with the Windows version, it does everything I need and I will not be poorer for it.

Review ID Number: 253
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Telnet Software Inc.
Review Date: 2002-09-13
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 6 out of 10
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