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  Click'N Burn
This is the program I have been recommending for the last year. I even used its clean interface and ease of use as a reference to Roxio when I was a beta tester for them. I guess they didn’t like me pointing out this programs assets and their “bugs” as they stopped using our testing group (some had been testing for over 6 years). This program is also compatible with Windows XP “right out of the box” – not like “others”.

It includes:
Click’n Burn Pro 20! -- It is version 2.0 not 2.01 as I first thought.
Click’n Edit sound LE – less features than the version Nick just reviewed but is still excellent.
Click’n Design 3D – a labelling program – it should be called LE since it is not as complete as the version in Record Max Platinum. I found this confusing when I tried updating the program at Stomp’s site. It is still all most of us will ever need.
Veritas Simple Backup – a more complex version of the Windows Backup
Veritas DLA – not tested.

The box also included a brief but complete manual – PRINTED – that explained the function of each feature along with screen shots. You don’t have to stumble through “Help files” like most other programs.

– it is a simple program to install BUT think carefully about using the DLA feature. It is like Direct CD from Roxio and Nero’s CD mastering software. They are not compatible and are always running in the background. This feature caused Direct Cd to be a real problem as it conflicted with many other programs and frequently “totalled” Windows XP without a patch.. I must be honest in that I didn’t even try DLA. I am waiting for Mt Rainer – I discussed it in this month’s gossip.

I love the simple interface of the CD copying section- (SEE PICTURE 1)

The program autodetects your reader and writer. You place the cd to copy in your reader and it will show up in the upper graphic. The program analyses the cd, identifies what kind it is, wither it is a re-writable or standard CDR and how full it is and shows this information by changing the color of the disk and, if necessary, giving a warning in plain English. It also supports DVD’s.

You can use the program to simply copy one cd to another (non copy protected), copy data to a cd or make a music cd. It is hard to elaborate on, since the steps required are so simple and the program is not burdened by elaborate graphics.

The creating a DATA cd utility is a bit awkward as I like the Explorer interface. You are required to select a folder and or files and the interface changes as you do. I think that if one uses it enough it would be easier but at first it seems awkward. It is fairly well explained in the manual. I felt that this was the “weakest” part of the program but then I was use to another program’s interface.

The CD labelling section is also straight forward and quite simple to use. It also has graphics included but not as many as the Record Max Platinum. I wouldn’t worry because you probably won’t use most of them and they take up massive amounts of room on your hard drive. It also includes a printer calibration utility that helps you align the labels with your printer. The only thing I didn’t like was when I went to Stomp’s home page to look for a update. I found an update to update version 2.7 to 4.82 but my version was 2.1 (something like that) and it wouldn’t accept the new update. After much reading I found that the version in this cd was called Click’n Design 3D Silver and the other version was called Click’n Design 3D Pro. I would suggest calling this version LE. There was also another bug in this version that wasn’t apparent in the PRO version. When I tried printing a label with my color printer – default was a laser printer – the program made what ever printer I selected the future default printer. This was not present in the PRO version. It was annoying later when I went to print a letter to the default printer (without looking) and ended up with a page of gibberish as the color printer was selected but the printer switch was on the laser printer (my actual default printer).
Besides these minor problems, I found that this was the best labelling program I have used and it has a permanent place on my main hard drive.
I found that I can scan a cd and import the jpg picture into the labelling program and print out a exact copy on my “backup” cd.

The Veritas Simple Backup is a more complex version of the backup software that is already included in Windows – written by Veritas – so there really isn’t a new learning curve to use it. It now offers CD-R/RW support and data compression. I can’t give you more information as I had already installed the next version, with more features, called BackUp My PC. I will be reviewing it latter.

I haven’t tried the Sound Editing section yet but I will be transferring my collection of records to CDs this winter (may bee sooner than we like – was 3.C outside this AM). Nick did a review of the more complete version.

In summary – this is the program I recommend to CD writer beginners as it is straight forward in its layout and ease of usage. It is the main copying and labelling program on my computer.

Review ID Number: 254
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Stomp Inc.
Review Date: 2002-08-17
Reviewer: John Mitchell
Rating: 8 out of 10
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