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  Compupic Pro 6.0
We first had the chance to review an original version of this program back in the late 1990's and thought it to be a great utility then. It was the old CompuPic32 application that was out even before the first CompuPic Pro release. Normally when I review a product that we have taken a look at earlier versions, I would go directly to the new features of the current version. It's been a while since we did a version of this program and so much has changed that I think I will start from the beginning.

Or, I could make a long story short, by simply saying that if you have any need to organize or work with images in any way - buy CompuPic Pro 6.0. You'll be glad you did!

CompuPic claims to be the fastest image viewer available today. Three times faster than ACDSee™ and over eight times faster than ThumbsPlus®. That's quite a claim so I put it to the test. I have some folders with some very large Photoshop files in it, so I gave it a run. Thumbnails were created almost instantly, and even switching file views and thumbnail sizes was instant. CompuPic now sports a new preview window as well to preview a larger version of the selected thumbnail. Again, when selecting even the largest files, the view in the preview window was instant. Clicking on a thumbnail opens the image to full size - in your choice of full screen or separate window modes. So, I can't verify that the speeds are as fast as they claim, but I can say it's as fast as you are going to get. If there is anything faster, I want to know about it.

Being a web designer by trade, I was delighted to see that the program not only supports images, but also web pages, text files, videos, fonts and more.

Selecting a web page in the viewer I was able to have it open up directly in Macromedia UltraDev for editing and saving. Real handy indeed!

Another great feature is the website scanner. With a couple clicks of a mouse you can save an entire website to your hard drive. I did find a couple things that can be improved in this area though. Once you start downloading a site, there is no apparent way to stop the process. I even tried closing the program and restarting it. It just carried on from where it left off. Secondly, there is no option to create a new folder when choosing where to save the files. Photos and images can also be scanned directly into CompuPic Pro from any scanner or digital camera as well.

As space is limited, I will just touch on a couple of what I feel is the biggest features that will be used by most users. The first being the create website feature. Man, that is awesome! CompuPic Pro's web page function can generate web pages from your images. Use any of the included themes, or use Pro's powerful scripting to create your own custom template. Using a good selection of stock graphic templates, I was able to create full photo albums online, complete with index and individual picture files in seconds. The second on that most people will use is the Photo CD feature. Create Picture CDs right from CompuPic Pro, including all the software needed to view the pictures...right on the CD.

There is way to many features to mention in this short space allowed, so I invite you to check out these features on the Photodex website.

Whether you handle photos for personal or professional use, CompuPic Pro is the tool you need. Your value for your money is excellent as the product is well worth the $99 suggested retail. Once you learn all of the features, the value just gets better as you'll find yourself relying on the program more and more.

It's more than just a viewer!

Review ID Number: 256
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Review Date: 2001-10-23
Reviewer: Brad Lawryk
Rating: 10 out of 10
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