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When I first heard of this emulator called Bleem! which allows PC users to play playstation games on their PC, I was a bit skeptical. I come from a long line of computer users going back to the old Commodore 64 days and emulation programs never seemed to work. You would spend hours tweaking it and trying to make it work only to fail at the end with frustrations galore.
So here comes Bleem! I inserted the CD and nothing happened. Now what. I am not one to look at instruction first, I do it as a last resort so I went into Explorer and looked at the files on the Cd. I found the Direct x folder some dll files and a setup.exe file as well as the Bleem.exe file and that is it.

I ran the setup which reinstalled the direct X 6.1 which I already had in my system so if you already have that version you do not need to install it. Then I dragged the Bleem.exe file onto my desktop and double clicked on it and so ran the program. Once running, it asked for the PlayStation cd that I wanted to play.

Now for the moment of truth. The game I tried it with was a very latest one that I received for review called Vigilante 8 2nd offense. This is one of the latest efforts from Activision and lo and behold the game came up and we were off to the races. I will admit that I only tried it with this one game but as it was a new game I was impressed.

I would recommend this program to all that would like to enjoy some of the PlayStation games that are not available to the PC. You do need to check on their home page for updates on a regular basis though to ensure that you can play as many of the games as is possible.

PS the latest version on the website is V1.5b and its free to download. What more can you ask for.

Review ID Number: 258
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Review Date: 2001-04-20
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 9 out of 10
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