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  Webferret Pro 2.6

 I have been using WebFerret for close to a year now and even though I have access to my Jump page where you can find most of the search engines that one could ever use, I find that using Web Ferret is easier because it check all the major search engines as listed bellow all at the same time so I don't have to bounce back and forth. This saves me time so I simply love it. The program recently had an upgrade so I decided to review it again and I am simply impressed with all its capabilities.

Here are the updates in the new version as described by WebFerrets web site.

Current search engines in version 2.6102 (updated 4/17/98)

Search Engines Supported: Alta Vista, Anzwers, AOL NetFind, EuroSeek, Excite, Galaxy, HotBot, Infoseek, LookSmart, Lycos, Magellan, Northern Light, Open Text, SEARCH.COM, WebCrawler, What-U-Seek, Yahoo!, and 3 Veronica engines. This list is current as of 4/17/98 and may change at any time.
Features added in version 2.6102 (released 4/17/98)

Remote Control Toolbar Support: The WebFerretPRO includes support for the new FerretSoft Remote Control Toolbar which is scheduled for release 5/15/98. When you launch your browser or any FerretSoft utility a small toolbar pops up that allows you to pass URL's from the results list to the browser without switching between applications. The toolbar also allows the user to launch any FerretSoft utility with just a mouse click.

Adjustable Abstract Control: Under the View tab the user can select to have an abstract window (user sizeable) that shows the abstract for the highlighted URL. By using the arrow keys the user can review the abstracts from the results list quickly before selecting which URL's to visit.

I highly recommend this program to everyone because it is relatively inexpensive, you can get it on line and it is a very usefull tool.

FerretSoft LLC
1209 Hill Road North
Suite 109
Pickerington, OH 43147
Voice 1-614-755-3891
Fax 1-614-575-8355

Review ID Number: 259
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Ferret Soft
Review Date: 2001-04-20
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 10 out of 10
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