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  Neato 2000 CD Labeler
With the advent of more people owning CD Burning hardware, there has been a definite need for labeling kits such as the Neato 2000. I came across it in a stationary store and was curious about the package so I had asked for an eval copy to let you all read about my findings.

The first thing that I notices which I think should be looked at by the company is the fact that there are no system requirements listed on the package or even inside the package. Now it worked perfectly on the computer I tested it on (PII 335) but what about on a P166 or a 486 running Win 3.11? It should be noted somewhere or the buyer might get upset. Maybe it works on all those systems but at least they should be told.

The box comes with 4 complete paperwork's for jewel cased CD's as well as a bunch of extra CD labels. This of course is enough to get you started and hooked. The paper is good quality and I did not mess up any so that should tell you that the program and equipment worked quite well. The price you see up above is off the web site and so it might vary from store to store.

I did find that there was insufficient documentation for the templates that were with the program with regards to what type of label you were printing. You see there were templates to do audio cassette labels but the actual labels were not included and the cryptic numbering for these templates were a bit difficult to figure out so I had to literally look at all the templates to figure which ones I was working with or needed.

From the website you can also download templates that would work with the following programs:

CorelDraw (Version 8.0 or higher)
Adobe Illustrator (Version 5.0 or higher)
Adobe PhotoShop (Version 3.0 or higher)
Macromedia FreeHand (Version 5.0 or higher)
EPS Enhanced Postscript
Adobe PageMaker
MS Word (97 or higher)

All in all I would definitely recommend this product to those that wish to customize their personalized CD productions.

Review ID Number: 260
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Review Date: 2001-04-20
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 9 out of 10
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