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Well, Kutoka has come up with another Mia experience for the younger set. This program is an interactive one with a real variety of project for kids age 5 and up. The familiar Mia character takes you through various projects such as painting or coloring, creating greeting cards letterheads. She also helps you to do pictures through collage or to draw animals, plants and many other things. The voice is the same familiar one from past Mia programs.

The installation of the program gives you a choice of full install or simple install and then you would need the CD in the drive for it to work for those who are running out of disk space.

The program is very colorful and the animation is superb as in past Mia programs. Another great feature that will intrigue and amuse youngsters is the ability to create a sort of animation with backgrounds and characters provided with various objects and then you get to add music and finally watch your production. This will certainly provide hours of fun to any child's with imagination.

Kutoka is a Canadian company and has won numerous awards for their productions in software and this one is a winner along with the other Mia programs.

Review ID Number: 265
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Kutoka interactive
Review Date: 2002-12-10
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 10 out of 10
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